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Together in a 90-minute studio class, you'll apply research-backed principles to uncover purposeful, achievable goals.

You'll leave the studio class with fresh goals scheduled straight into your calendar, ready to rock 2021, no matter what comes your way 🎉



By the end of this 90-minute group class,

you will have…


  • Value-Driven Goals

    When you set goals based on bringing your core values to life, you have a plan to show-up as your best self, every day. Especially important for staying flexible and pivoting no matter what life throws your way.
  • Alignment on What Matters Most

    Start 2021 with the confidence that your daily activities are taking you towards your most important goals. Together, we'll step into your vision for the future to capture those dreams, and imagine what they might mean for the year ahead. 
  • A Quarterly plan for Your Top 3 Banner Goals

    Distill your ideas into 3 identity-based goals, and create a visual map of where each quarter in 2021 will take you.
  • Immediate Strategies for Success

    Identify your first steps towards momentum by breaking your goals into daily, weekly and monthly strategies.
  • Access to the Studio Portal

    Access the LIVE recording anytime at your own pace in the next 3 months ; )

After being let down by traditional New Years resolutions one too many times, I couldn't help but wonder, "What if there were a better way for uncovering goals that really matter?" Today, I combine experience in organizational strategic planning with goal-achievement research for a powerful, no-fuss approach to goal-setting. 

I can't wait to walk you through this goal-setting process, step-by-step, and watch you flourish in 2021 ✨ 

Lieve xo

The 2021 Goal-Setting Studio

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